Contains All Locally & Organically Sourced Ingredients...

Get Your 'Happy Mushrooms For Sad People' All-In-One Grow Bags That Are Guaranteed to Produce Huge Amounts Of Fast Growing Mushrooms That Are More Potent And 99.9% Contamination Resistant!

  • Prepared with a specialized method that has taken decades of experience in growing mushrooms to master.
  • We cook use more expensive materials with 'Wet Pasteurization' and cook them hotter for longer (making them 99.9% contamination free).
  • ​We sue 2 to 4-year old organic composted 'sun leached' horse manure to ensure fast growing and highly potent mushrooms.
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  • Normal Cost For 1 of the 2-Pound 'All-In-One Grow Bags: $117
  • Normal Cost For 1 of the 5-Pound 'All-In-One Grow Bag: $127
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2-Pound Grow Bags (3 Pack)

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We know without a 'shadow of a doubt' that you will love these grow bags...

And we guarantee if they get contaminated before you open the bag that we will send you replacement grow bags 100% FREE...

Just shoot our support team and email (with some pictures) and we will get the replacements sent out.
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