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My name is Oliver Carlin and I am the founder of Curative Mushrooms.

We create this site to educate people on the powerful medicinal benefits that mushrooms have as well as how to hunt, grow and cook them.

If you want to know the easiest way to grow medicinal mushrooms at home in the next 30 days from spores without having to buy ANY unnecessary equipment then this is going to be the most important thing you read all day, here's why:

The other day I got an email from a member of Curative Mushrooms after she had read one of our articles on the medicinal benefits that one mushrooms has.

She wanted to know what the easiest way to grow it as home was.
"The Easiest Way To Grow Mushrooms At Home Is With A Completely 'Done For You' Grow Kit..."
Not all mushrooms will have completely 'done for you' grow kits, but if they do then this is the easiest possible way to get the mushrooms grow at home.

Basically you will get a box in the mail with a plastic bag on the inside that has a solid block of white mushroom mycelium inside.

Then, all you do is:
  •   Cut the bag open.
  •   Spray it with water for a couple of weeks.
  •   Harvest your mushrooms.
Isn't that super easy?

Luckily for her the mushroom she wanted was available in a completely 'done for you' grow kit so she went with this option.

However, I had received another question from another person who had also been reading about the health benefits of a different mushroom on my site.

This person had already looked online and realized that while there were grow kits available for this mushroom they did not ship them to his location.

He had realized that he was going to need to grow them from spores.
"What Is The Easiest Way To Grow Medicinal Mushrooms From Spores?"
He had done some research online before he reached out to me and seen some videos that really made the growing process seem complicated.
He wasn't interested in trying to become a professional mushroom cultivator and spend $1,000's on things like:
  •   Laminar Flow Hood - $459
  •   Pressure Cooker - $589
  •   Hydroponics Tent - $179
  • ​  Sterilization Equipment - $367
Nor did he want to spend 100's of hours trying to learn everything on how to do it correctly.

All he wanted was the mushrooms and the benefits they bring.
"I Just Want The Medicinal Health Benefits Of The Mushrooms WITHOUT All The Complicated Growing Equipment & Training..."

He just wanted to experience the relief he heard others achieved from “happy mushrooms”, like:

  • Feelings of Sadness:  Gets rid of the feelings of low self worth, the feelings of laziness, and the feelings of hopelessness that comes from depression and makes you feel like life is beautiful, abundant and full of love!
  • Feelings of Stress From Trauma:  Prevents the fear, the pounding chest and haunting memories that come with PTSD and restores your heart and mind to perfect harmony.
  • Feelings Of Worrying:  Relieves the panic, sweaty palms and frantic mind that comes with Chronic Anxiety.
  • ​Enlightenment: The sudden, complete and unforgettable realization that you are the center of the entire universe and a source of the divine or cosmic energy that gives life to all things. This gives you a chess-master view of life that allows you to succeed by seeing more clearly than everyone else.
He went into great detail about how he had tried to commit suicide multiple times and in the most recent attempt he only survived because a friend had found him just before he died and rushed him to the emergency room.

He talked about the pain he was feeling about the loss of his loved one and how plants similar to medicinal mushrooms had helped to save his life and that without them he wouldn't be alive today.

The problem he was facing now was this huge road block of confusion that was preventing him from being able to get these medicinal mushrooms.

I started to explain one of the easier processes to grow mushrooms to him but he soon felt overwhelmed and said that he will just have to live without being able to grow them.

This is when I realize that I need to make this easier for people who want to grow mushrooms at home when they can't get a grow kit.

They shouldn't have to spend $1,000's of dollars on equipement to grow them and end up spending 100's of hours trying to figure it out.

I need to figure out the next best thing to a 'completely done for you' mushroom grow kit.
"Need To Find The 2nd Easiest Way To Grow Medicinal Mushrooms From Spores When You Can't Get a Completely 'Done For You' Grow Kit..."
Since I first started learning about growing mushrooms I have spent $1,000's on several growing courses and books.

Not to mention 100's of hours going through these courses & books as well watching countless videos on YouTube and articles found on Google.
The strange part was many of the videos and articles I would read would contradict other videos and articles.

One person would swear that you can't do something while another person would swear that you could.

It almost seemed like the more you started to learn the more confused you got.

There were times where I felt like Carl Brashear from Men of Honor trying to find all the pieces to put a pipe together when they are scattered all over the ocean floor.
Eventually I figured it out by it just seems like some people make it more complicated then it really needs to be.

Not only that but most of the training I have received has been for people who want to grow 1,000's of grams a week regularly for profit.

Don't get me wrong...

There are some great courses out there but most of them are not for people who just want to learn to grow as a hobby for personal use.

So I decided to start going through all of the my notes and evaluate the different processes that are available for growing mushrooms at home in search of the easiest possible method.

I decided to cut out everything you don't absolutely need and only keep the 'bear minimum'.

This is when I figured out the secret to simplifying the growing process...
"Removing The Need For Sterilization Is The Key To Creating The Simplest Grow Kit To Grow From Spores..."
It turned out that the most difficult part of the growing process was trying to be sterile and prevent contamination.

The #1 problem that beginner growers face is contamination!

The reason people end up spending a ton of money in the growing process and countless hours researching is mostly do to prevent contamination.
You see, spores are microscopic and are floating all around us all the time. 

They are all over you right now whether you like it or not.

The problem with this is many other funguses and molds will grow and thrive in the same environment that we will be trying to grow our mushrooms in.

That mean that when you put your mushroom spores into a soil to grow in that there is also probably like 'half a dozen' other funguses already in there waiting to grow.
That is when most people have to figure out how to kill everything so only their mushroom spores will live.

But if we were to remove this from the equation then we would eliminate the need of having to buy a 'ton of stuff' and learn a 'million of things'.

This is where the light bulb when off in my head!

This means that we only will need to buy 2 things:
  •   1 Mushroom Grow Bag
  •   1 Spore Syringe of the Mushroom You Want to Grow
That's it!

Isn't that cool?

The only other part is how to get your grow bag and spore syringe from a trusted and reliable supplier.  Which we will get into later on.

Now that I had figured out the simplest and cheapest possible way to grow medicinal mushrooms at home it was time to put it into a guide...
“How to Easily Grow Medicinal Mushrooms at Home in the Next 30 Days WITHOUT Having to Become a Cultivation Expert...”
Following this guide, you can literally have your first flush (new growth) of mushrooms in your house in as soon as the next 30 days with only about 15 minutes of actual effort on your part.

This process almost completely eliminates the possibility for contamination and has a 94% success rate among people who have NEVER grown a mushroom before in their life.

Depending on the type of medicinal mushroom you choose to grow, most people report getting as much as 250 wet grams (25 dry grams) of mushrooms on their very first flush…

And you can get as many as 6 flushes (new growths) from 1 bag!
So, the key benefits you will get from this mushroom growing guide are:
  • Only spend 15 minutes of your own effort on the growing process (instead of 100s of hours like me).
  • Only purchase 2 items for less than $25 instead of spending $1,000's of dollars on stuff you don’t need.
  • Get up to 250 wet grams (25 dried grams) of mushrooms in as soon as the next 30 days.
  • This guide is short and to the point with NO FLUFF... You will only see what you NEED to see to get your first flush of mushrooms grown.
  • ​1 spore syringe contains 10 ml of spore liquid that can inoculate up to 5 grow bags which will help you save almost 75% in comparison to most 'completely done for you' grow kits.
  • ​This guide will show you how to grow up to 3x as many mushrooms for the same price as a completely done for you grow kit with only 15 minutes of effort.
    This guide really does make this process as simple as 1...... 2...... 3...... and then step 4 is just harvesting your mushrooms...
    Essentially, this guide will allow you to:

    • Spend more time with you family instead of trying to figure out the confusing process of growing mushrooms.
    • Remove the 'road block of confusion' that has been stopping you from growing mushrooms at home so you can finally get your first flush of mushrooms at home in the next 30 days.
    • Use the $1,000's you saved from not having to buy 'unnecessary' growing equipment and enjoy a vacation with the family instead.
    • Live a longer and happier life enjoying the health benefits of mushrooms that were 'unreachable' to you up to this point because you didn't have an easy way to get them.
    • ​Your friends and family will think you are some type of 'growing expert' because you will have 'mushrooms growing out of your ears' not knowing how easy it really is for you.
    Now, I did tell you this guide will show you how to make 250 wet grams from the first flush in the next 30 days.

    I also told you that one bag can produce up to 3 to 6 flushes!

    That means that from following this guide and growing one bag of mushrooms, you could potentially produce up to 700 wet grams (70 dry grams) of medicinal mushrooms.

    Do you realize that 70 dry grams of medicinal mushrooms should be enough to last you for up to a year for personal use?

    Isn't that Cool?
    Also, this guide will work with many of your favorite medicinal mushrooms to include:
    • Lions Mane Mushroom
    • Reishi Mushroom
    • Oyster Mushroom
    • ​Shiitake Mushroom
    • ​Manure Loving Mushrooms 😉
    • ​Turkey Tail Mushrooms
    • ​And more...
    Note: Some types of mushrooms will produce less amounts of mushrooms than others.
    "What Are Others Already Saying About Curative Mushrooms Growing Methods?"
    "Curative Mushrooms help me to realize that I could easily grow mushrooms at home and how inexpensive it could be..." - Bradley
    "A lot of your tips helped me and I have started to grow my own mushroom farm..." - Rodney
    "I thought it would be very difficult to obtain and grow mushrooms... Finding Curative Mushrooms has helped me learn everything I need to know about growing mushrooms and it was very easy..." - Jessica
    Now let me ask you...
    If all this guide did was...
    Allow you to finally get your first flush of mushrooms so you could start getting the medicinal mushrooms health benefits to help with:

    • Relief from PTSD, Anxiety & Depression.
    • Living a longer and healthier life and spending more time with your family from the mushrooms benefits.
    •    Getting a pay raise at your job from improving your brain function and having a more positive outlook.
    •    ​Not to mention all the disease fighting benefits to help you fight off bacteria and viruses more efficiently.
    Wouldn't it be worth paying a 1x investment of:
    "Don't worry because we are NOT going to charge you $297 today..."
    We are NOT going to charge you $297 today, however I did consider charging that and I still believe it is worth it.

    We decided to knock 55% off of that price and make it available at a discounted price of $157 (plus $12.95 shipping).
    Today ONLY! 55% discount off the $297 Value...
    I just couldn't stop here because while I did lower the price I still feel like my followers at Curative Mushrooms deserve better!

    Therefore, I have some extra bonuses that I would to throw in...
    Bonus #1

    This guide will show you how to use the same simple method in the first guide except you will be able to get 2x the results on your first flush by just buying 2 extra items for less than $30 extra.

    Can you imagine?

    That would be a potential 500 wet grams of mushrooms per bag on your very first flush!
    Bonus #2

    The 1st problem you will have is you will have more mushroom then you can eat at one time so you will need to know how to store them.

    Mushrooms begin to spoil in a soon as 2 days after harvesting them but these methods will allow you to keep them for years!

    It is important to make them 'cracker dry' because if you leave any moisture they could spoil & mold in the jar later.

    This guide covers the top 3 ways to dry them so you can pick and choose the best method based on your supplies and situation.
    Bonus #3

    Are certain types of mushrooms illegal in your local area?

    In some places it is legal to have certain kinds of manure loving mushrooms but illegal to have dried ones.

    Some places have it completely legal while other have it completely illegal.

    The mushroom spores tend to be legal in the majority of areas in the world while growing the spores may not be legal.

    This guide breaks down the law to easily understand around the world along with the potential consequences you could face or not face.

    It also has a really cool chart to easily see the legality around the world! 
    Bonus #4
    Not 1..... Not 2..... But 3 completely 'done for you' mushroom grow bags!

    Following our guide you only needed to buy 2 things:
    • 1 Grow Bag
    • ​1 Mushroom Syringe
    We have given you half of what you need (x3)!

    Now you only need to get the spore syringe of the mushroom you want to grow.

    This process has a 94% success rate meaning 1 of your bags could potentially not produce however we are giving you 3 bags so you CANNOT FAIL.
    These bags will be shipped out to you immediately after you take me up on this offer today.

    * We currently only have Manure Loving mushroom grow bags available *
    Premium Grow Bags With Ingredients To Produce Potent & Fast Growing Mushrooms...
    The grow bags are made with a proprietary formula that has taken years to perfect and guarantee:
    • The Fastest growing mushrooms with the lowest possible chance of contamination... So you get your mushrooms within a few weeks instead of a few months.
    • ​Highly potent mushrooms because the mushrooms are getting exactly the ingredients they want without anything unnecessary that can just slow the down the process... Some people report the mushrooms grown with these bag to be 2x as potent as other mushrooms.
    Bonus #5

    We have made every possible effort to make this the simplest and easiest mushroom growing guide to follow so that you should not have any questions...

    However, it is inevitable that some people may have a question and we don't want anything to stop or delay you getting your first flush of mushrooms.

    Therefore, you get 1-Year FREE COMPLETE access to our Private Facebook Group for Medicinal Mushroom Growers & Members Area!

    You will have direct access to ask me and our community of mushroom growing experts, with years of experience, any questions that you have.

    We will also be posting videos regularly that walk you through all the steps in the guides.
    "WAIT!  What About The FREE Spore Syringe You Promised?"
    Oh yeah... Thanks for remidning me!

    I have created another guide that covers:

    “How to Easily Analyze Spores under a Microscope to 100% Identify Mushrooms Even If You FAILED Biology Class”.
    Why would you want to study spores under a microscope?

    1)  It will allow you to 100% accurately identify the species of a mushrooms.

    This is awesome incase you find a wild mushroom and what to make sure that it is not actually a poisonous look alike (many mushroom have poisonous look alikes).

    If you look in a field guide you will see information about a mushroom's spores to include, color, length, width and other stuff.

    2)  To take some beautiful images of the spores.
    Most people don't think about this until they start to see how gorgeous these spores look under 1,000x magnification and the details and colors they have.

    This 'day-in-age'  you can get some really nice microscopes with high-definition lenses and they connect right into your computer.

    Not only that but with the modern technology it really makes doing all this stuff really simple!

    People will think you are some kind of expert mycologist even though you only spent 13 minutes going through this really easy to follow guide.

    One of the biggest questions I get from people is in them not feeling 100% sure that the mushroom they found is actually the one they think it is...

    Even if we have told them it is safe by looking at the pictures they took.

    Well this guide helps to eliminate that little bit of fear that makes you 2nd guess the type of mushroom that you found.

    The normal price of this guide is $47 but you will get it for FREE today...
    We Are Giving You 2 Happy Mushroom Spore Syringe As A FREE Bonus To Our 'Spore Analyzation Book'!
    We would like to send you 2 of the most popular happy mushroom spore syringes but our suppliers runs out of different strains all the time so we cannot guarantee that they will be available if you don't act now.

    These are top quality spores that have been tested and verified in a lab to be of the lowest possible contamination rate and to be of 100% viable spores or we will send you a new 2 for FREE.

    We make all spore syringes fresh to order right in the United States and ship everywhere priority mail.

    We will shoot you an email after your purchase to confirm the strain of mushroom that you would like to receive.

    When you combine the 2 FREE spore syringes ($68) with the spore analyzation guide ($47), that is a total value of $105. 

    However, right now you can get it for a...
    * Ships World Wide
    * Ships In Un-Marked Boxes
    * Guaranteed Viable Spores Or We Send You A New One For FREE
    $105 Value For FREE Today!
    So now that we have talked about everything that you can get today with the growing guides & bonuses...

    Let's sum everything up now before we move on...
    • Time and money saved on unneeded equipement and courses [$1,000+ Value]
    • Guide 1: Simplest and Cheapest Medicinal Mushroom Growing Guide [$119 Value]
    • Bonus #1: 2x More Mushrooms With Same Amount of Effort Guide [$58 Value]
    • ​Bonus #2: Top 3 Easiest Ways to Get Mushrooms 'Cracker Dry' [$74 Value]
    • ​Bonus #3: Mushroom Law Around the World Simplified [$64 Value]
    • ​Bonus #4: 3 FREE All-In-One 'Ready to Use' Mushroom Grow Bags [$87 Value]
    • ​Bonus #5: 1-Year Access to our Private Facebook & Slack Groups  [$297/year Value]
    • ​Bonus #6: Mushroom Spores Analyzation Guide [$47 Value]
    • ​Bonus #7: 2 FREE 100% Viable Happy Mushroom Spore Syringes [$114 Value]
    • ​Physical Products Shipped: 3 'All-In-One' Grow Bags & 2 Spore Syringes [$155 Value]
    TOTAL VALUE: $1,718
    (Plus $12.95 Shipping)
      Yes!  The Syringes Comes In The Strain You Are Thinking Of!

    WARNING: This Offer Can End At ANY Time Without Notice.

    "PERFECT mushroom growing bag with simple instructions and great customer service and On-time delivery. This is the PERFECT mushroom growing bag for the beginner like me. I just followed the directions and the results far better than my expectations"

    - Justin 
    (Review of Grow Bags)
    "I have to admit, after trying a few other brands with little yields I was not expecting much from the Boom Block. When they arrived at my house I instantly knew this company was different. The bag is full of natural organic material (even bits of grass) and the spores took over quickly. I'm now harvesting my second fruiting (first produced approx 22-23g dried)."

    - Robert
    (Review of Grow Bags)
    We know without a 'shadow of a doubt' that you will think this is the simplest guide to growing mushrooms from spores that you have ever seen...

    And we guarantee that you will have your first flush of mushrooms grown within the next 30 to 45 days.

    If not, then just shoot our support team and email (within the next 30 days) and we give you a 100% refund of your investment today...

    And you can keep all the guides and bonuses just for giving us a try.
    "More Of What Are Others Already Saying About Curative Mushrooms Growing Methods..."
    "I found so much complicated and confusing information on growing mushrooms and then I found Oliver's Curative Mushrooms Grow Guide and I had mushrooms growing in no time..." - Linda
    "I wanted to grow culinary mushrooms in my kitchen for the health benefits and I had no idea, what-so-ever, how to go about doing that.  Seemed to be a very 'daunting task'... Curative Mushrooms really explained to me how easily mushroom can be grown..." - Tim
    "If you need any advice on how to grow mushrooms go to" - David
    Legal Disclaimer
    We do need to discuss some legal stuff now...

    It is legal in most places to possess certain kinds of manure loving mushroom spores because they do not contain a certain banned substance until the spores turn into a mushroom as long as the purpose of having them is for collection or to study under a microscope.

    Growing certain kinds of manure loving mushrooms is illegal in 95% of the world so we do not encourage or endorse anyone to do anything illegal.  In the United States it is a Federal Crime to grow certain kinds of manure loving mushrooms.

    These guides are intended for the purpose of growing legal mushrooms.  We do not endorse or encourage anyone to break Federal Law.

    We also recommend that you refer to your local laws about mushrooms because certain kinds of manure loving mushroom spores can be illegal to possess in some places.

    WARNING: This Offer Can End At ANY Time Without Notice.

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